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Sarvodaya Mahavidyalaya Sindewahi,

Dist., Chandrapur (M.S.),

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Mr. Yogendraji Jaiswal

Mr. Yogendraji Jaiswal


Mr. Arvindji Jaiswal

Mr. Arvindji Jaiswal


Dr. Shankar Kukreja

Dr. Vijendra Batra


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Education is very important to develop minds with knowledge, to present new streams of thoughts. Knowledge should grow by unseen ways and through continuous learning like life itself into sustaining wisdom. Education can be seen as an expansion and unfolding of innate freedom. The freedom to act intelligently and appropriately in a given situation. The freedom to respond to life’s challenges in the most life affirming and wholesome way. It is the freedom to see the truth as it is, without distortion, free of ours own and other conditioning.

Education is about understanding of oneself in relation to our environment, which includes people, thing and ideas. Our confusion arises because of the imbalance between ourselves and the environment. Proper education must be tought to young people to learn to interact with the environment in a creative and joyful way. Merely gathering more information and knowledge is not sufficient. This alone will not do.

The teacher is like a burning lamp and the student like unlighted lamp ready with oil and wick waiting to be lit by contact with teacher. Ideal teachers are the kingpins of education system. Such teachers set their student’s minds alight, with new innovative ideas, they assist the students in learning to learn on their own, making the process exciting, interesting and long lasting. The good responsive teachers listen to their students and acknowledge their importance. There by the student work better and learn joyfully together with the teachers.

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Date : 21.07.2024
Admissions Open for for all courses for the year 2024-25